Frequently Asked Questions

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store & shipping

This store ships to most countries! :) An exception case is that of the the UK, but shopping is still possible through Etsy (due to taxation changes after Brexit). If there’s a particular item that you would like listed on Etsy that is currently unavailable there, feel free to send me a message!

In the case of the UK, I can only ship orders placed through Etsy because of the taxation changes after Brexit. If there’s an item that you would like listed on Etsy that is currently unavailable there, feel free to send me a message!

Orders are shipped from Spain, using our national postal service provider (Correos).

Yes! Since they are shipped through our national post, parcels will be handled by each country’s mail provider, which includes P.O. box delivery.

Please check that you selected a shipping option that includes tracking. Standard airmail is the more economic option, but doesn’t offer the option of tracking parcels.

If you selected a “tracked” option and didn’t receive the number, it’s possible that I sent an extra shipping notification by mistake! Feel free to send an email if you believe this was the case for your order, so that I can look into it.

Please send me an email including your order number so that I can look into the issue!


If you would like to work together in a project, feel free to reach out with your idea! :)

I have a Youtube video showing what I consider my ultimate watercolor palette! There are lots of great watercolor brands to try out, such as Schmincke, Mijello, or Maimeri Blu.

Most often, I use a Winsor & Newton inking bruch in the 0 or 1 size, along with acrylic ink or watercolor.

My most used sketchbooks are the Muji A5 ring bound plain notebook, and Traveler’s Notebook Lightweight paper. My tool of choice for sketching is a 0.38 Muji pen, or a EF nib Kaweco Sport.

I share WIPs and sketches regularly on my Patreon that I don’t post anywhere else! :)

Yes, I use a off-brand matte screen protector for my iPad screen. It reduces glare and I haven’t noticed that it deteriorates the iPad’s nib, but it depends on pen pressure. My recommendation is that you adjust the pressure curve of your device to minimize the amount of pressure required to draw.